When Should You Use Astrology Vs. Tarot?


Arrow in Flight

Astrology Tarot DivinationWhich system is best when you want to get a glimpse at the machinery that drives our reality…?

By Steven Seinberg

I practice a few different metaphysical disciplines. The most well-known among these are Astrology and Tarot. And most of the time when people contact me to book a reading, they know which type of reading they want.

Every now and then, though, someone will reach out seeking guidance or insight of some kind…but beyond that general state of affairs, they’re not really sure in any specific kind of way what it is they’re after.

And to be fair, Astrology and Tarot are not just two versions of the same thing. Sure, they can both be filed accurately under the overall heading of “Metaphysical Pursuits,” but if you drill down even a tiny bit deeper than that, it’ll become clear that the nuts and bolts of them are very different…and…

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