0010110 Decree together to speed up The Event I call upon the Highest aspect of my I AM presence, to send a heartfelt clarion call to Source and the Pleroma/Galactic Central Sun! As part of the collective of the 144,000 starseeds on Liberation Earth mission, I command and decree action be taken to speed up the phrase transition Event, and trigger it as soon as is possible. As a star seed on Earth, I now decree from my heart-center my readiness to graduate to a higher dimension of Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance, on the most positive timeline for all beings in the Multiverse. Collectively we ask Source to speed up the activation of Operation Phoenix by the Light Forces and to assist in removing all negative energies, entities, exotic weaponry and dark beings from all planes of existence, thus ending the planetary occupation of Earth by dark forces forever! I ask for this transition to happen as swiftly and peacefully as possible, freeing all beings and shifting us into the Golden Age of the New Atlantis. I ask to manifest a world with an abundance of Freedom, Joy, Food, Water, Health, Wealth of all kinds for everyone. I ask to manifest the release of free-energy devices, medical devices and all suppressed technologies, to assist humankind. I ask to manifest First Contact, to become part of the Galactic Confederation and take our rightful place as a space-faring race. I ask to be reunited with my Soul Family and brothers and sisters, Ancestors of the Light. With deep gratitude, I ask that all requests be answered swiftly. So be It, and so it is, I AM! Jairo Bonilla

TruthEarth The Event Mission to Uganda – October 10, 2018 This is letter between me and Two Orphanage’s as i am  delivering the good news that i’ve managed to connect them with the Fed Govt. In providing them with full time aid. This is very big news for me, and come Monday will be the start and i cannot be happier, check out this letter it’s only  400 words but they are very meaningful to countless children who will begin to have perminent  funding and Aid thanks to me and my Wife and the City of New York 10-10-18 From Jairo To Mission Uganda Okay Council men-Rodriguez and Council-woman Ayala are willing to fund Each and Every one of your kids in respective Orphanages you run to shelter the young ones, help is on the way, just make sure you give me all the paperwork I will be asking of you in the future… same kinds of things I will be asking you for documentations, updates, certifications, and bills for their school and supplies, and bills for school fees, when they may ask of me from you make sure to have them, with out them your paperwork that is, we wont be able to move forward, but I wouldn’t worry so far you’ve given me all the paper work I have asked of you, is seems all green lights for you my friend. Please know that These two People Counsel men and Woman Ayala & Rodriguez, are very important in both the State of New York the City Manhattan, they are the counsel men and woman the leaders of the community and they are the ones who will connect (you, and me as a Humanitarian,) to the federal government as I have been explaining to you and now is coming into clear view we are days away from completing this paperwork process, that while may be tedious but fruitful in the end you will see a fascinating change is to befall you and all your children. I only ask that you thank me and my wife in advance and thank God Later because your paperwork is completed, you can stop praying because your paperwork to almost completed by Monday 10/15/2018 and then is all systems go as they say in the movies in NASA and while I have never been on a rocket it feels as if all of us are going up to space how exciting, for all your children are to be funded by the city of NYC, its really exciting for me to have two missions To Uganda Africa as you know I am a writer and a blogger of my own .Coms and everything is being documented with a push of a button I publish when and what I want so far it is mostly Humanitarian endeavors such as this very one which many not get thousands of views but! it gets Views that I am looking for in this case it is you Two men of Valor who are Humanitarians and Run and Orphanage for the sake of humanity, I commend your efforts and your kind herded nature which saves lives in Africa, and I am please to be part of this endeavor, all the best to your Orphanage David and Issa of Uganda Africa, living in the States has given me unique opportunities, being a New Yorker has allowed me to meet people from all around the world, but nothing is as satisfying and exciting as to know that I will be helping The Two Orphanage in Africa, when this is complete nothing would be more rewarding than to see my Missions to Uganda Africa resolved, your friend Jairo From, Jairo H Bonilla Quintero Author & Promoter  7/1/2018  Honorable Mayor, Bill De Blasio Request of Charity I am sure that you must be aware of the growing amount of children left orphan after tragically losing their mother or father to the overwhelming poverty striking the State of Uganda in the nation of Africa, hunger, poverty, disease sadly leaves many young children without a care taker. I know of at least 635 children that are being taken care of and are not suffering this tragedy thanks to the efforts of myself my wife and the two Orphanages, which at the moment, we are both in direct contact with them as well as providing them with help in the form of funding them. With the little that we have managed to send has helped them all in such a tremendous way and has really changed their lives. I may add that I am not rich and live very reduced in expenses as I must take care along with my wife three children the same ages as the Orphans which we philanthropically care for, all my children are under age and do attend school and they perform at the top of their classes. So it is then that as a parent, who sees children suffering it is an instinct to help in whatever way possible. I have seen the pictures of them receiving this help I have been shown the children in new clothing and ready for school with school supplies and all and for the last two month I have had many “thanks,” from these two men Issa Magulu with 35 children in his Orphanage and David Mukasas Ophanage with 500 children in his corresponding Orphanage We are writing this letter to ask for your consideration of our request towards raising public awareness to Orphanages of Uganda Kampala Africa, which I am in contact with the Presidents or Creators of these Orphanages both located in Uganda and I am in direct support as well as providing them with Aid Food Water in the form of funding. Would you be able to help them in the same way that I have helped their Orphanage? And would you be able to show me which are the agencies that can help from the U.S.A? Can you point them out to me Email them to me or phone me about this question I would really appreciate your help in this as a humanitarian, I ask? In conclusion, I would like to add in and copy in an example of the one of the conversation I had with David Mukasa as I send him $20 and he was eternally grateful, because with that he is able to send some of his children to school. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Jairo H Bonilla June 29,2018 I am a Humanitarian Author Promoter Meditator Musician and Instrumentalist Photographer/digital photographer. Also I am a Teacher of Music, of the Arts In General, Photoshop instructor/Computer and Technician/programmer Web-developer & versatile in Windows OS as well as Macintosh OSX computing operating systems. Jayom88@gmail.com http://mesheekatlan@blogspot.com/ https://wordpress.com/view/meshekatlan.wordpress.com https://www.pinterest.com/jayom88/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8wUi-rx6GM&start_radio=1&list=RDMMn8wUi-rx6GM https://www.facebook.com/jairo.bonilla.5 https://plus.google.com/101212275314218140788 These are the images of David Mukasas’s Orphanage in Uganda Africa taken approx 6/15/2018, Mr. David, president of his Orphanage In Uganda Africa, here he is shown distributing the children’s school material as well as preparing them for school and all their scholastically endeavors life may bless them with. Funded by Author Promoter And Humanitarian Jairo Bonilla Comments Popular posts from this blog Meshekatalan@wordpress.com Mesheekatlan@blogspot.com – April 10, 2018 April 9, 2018 Jairo H. Bonilla Quintero Authored Name Mesheekatlan Jayom88@gmail.comMeshekatlan@gmail.com Dear Friends and Family This was a letter / conversation with a new facebook com friend which also happens to be running humanitarian efforts in Uganda Africa, with The Orphanage, he operates, in hopes of caring for and raise, young children who were less fortunate than his humble self, which is truly an admiration and exemplary for all to see that there is still good out there in the world. At the bottom I will leave his information so as to help Mr. Magulu’s Issa who’s Orphanage is in Uganda Africa thus then if it is your wish feel free and Donate to his address, I can verify that he is a real person with real problems at this Orphanage, so if you can please donate clothing money or whatever you can to this Man’s Orphanage, these children are really needing aid and help, the links & address will be … READ MORE https://wordpress.com/view/meshekatlan.wordpress.com – February 11, 2018 Ashtar Command Final Transmission to Earth Many of you were taught to ridicule any mention of ‘Ashtar Galactic Command’ on this planet. Status Report ALL HANDS ON DECK You may claim to be one of these publicly but certainly not behind closed doors, for in your heart of heart you know the truth. Most of your Secret Space Programs were motivated by your fear of our growing involvement in Earth’s affairs. You more than any other group acknowledge our presence since you are constantly witnessing our capabilities, that far exceed yours. SUBLUNAR SPACE Yet you persist on the path of an open confrontation with us, deploying your arsenal for a battle you cannot win. Your limited understanding of the Universe Laws cannot be compensated by your shadow technology. EARTH Inevitably you shall suffer the consequences of your evil deeds but won’t allow those who hold captive to be affected by it. The die is cast as the decrees of the Stellar Councils are issued. You may continue with y… READ MORE Meshekatan@wordpress.com – April 01, 2018 Jairo Bonilla on fatherhood March 29, 2018 For my own reflection and personal intuition I am beginning to document as well as to journal the many events transpiring in my life. I am now at the end of ten years of experiencing learning the inns and outs when it comes to fatherhood, of experiencing many thing, like learning to become a good father, though more than anything, it is described and feels like to me at least, as the most exhilarating juncture in my life where I find myself completely resolved in every single way. One’s children can do this and have this affect on a parent due to the integrity you bestow your children with, also, as it is parents that need their children as much as their children need their parents. “Raising children can be difficult;” they say “it is the hardest job in the world.” In my point of view it is not a job, in fact, it is more like a responsibility that you commit to as soon as you as a man have joined with a Woman and created a chil… READ MORE  Powered by Blogger Theme images by Radius Images JAIRO BONILLA QUINTERO MEXEEKAHTLAN VISIT PROFILE Archive Labels Report Abuse

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