6/12/2018 i have seen my wife perform this very same healing revitalization feat before my very eyes. Last year a boy fell outside my children’s school, it was a snowy day with ice. The entrance to the school had not been properly cleaned, which is why the boy slipped hitting his head and fell rendering himself immediately unconscious. Without hesitation my wife grabbed him and lifted him up as if he were her own son and revitalized him by regenerating him back to full consciousness with the use of her vitality alone was seemingly enough to do perform this miracle. Needless to say, the young Mother, just as my wife was so happy, she thanked my wife profusely and the young Boy and his Mother were able to walk back him as if nothing had occurred, that something that occurred was the “whole world,” given back to that Mother and that boy held tight his Mom’s hand all the while pacing themselves back to their Home sweet home. I think I get my powers from her lol Still though, no joke! She is a Hindu Brahmin and to be respected with all of her background and disciplines in Sanskrit, is fluent in over 20 languages of India also her deep knowledge in the Art of Meditations as well as Chanting, any and all Praying as a Hindu, also singing to God all the time as I am witness over 15 years living with her I can definitely say She is one of the most spiritual people I know and for as long as I know her, she has never attended a religious venue or sat at an religious gathering and just so you all Know! Here in NYC we have a slue, an utter plethora of religions to choose from countless I exclaim! This brings me much sadness, as crime is still up there is no sign of God in any of these places that look more like Palaces. NYC, as the capital of the world, and home to many diverse cultures people and customs, somehow we have managed our little family of 5 to stay sane and away from all of these money hungry religious institutions which mask around as spiritual beacons to the community really are nothing more than watered down backwash from Judeo-Christian Teachings that were imposed on us the Original People of The Americas, Canada USA, my home-land of Mexico, including all of Central America and All of the vast land of South America was infiltrated by the teachings of, First, the Spanish then their Cousins the French and finally the propagators of all major wars around the world on our planet the European. Fourteen nighty three 1493 is when they invaded our shores, subsequently concurred by force in 1519 imposed such ideologies along with different customs and religions to the original People of this Huge Continent which interestingly enough is the only Land that connects from Pole to Pole Meaning from the North Pole you can actually walk to the Opposite Pole Being the South. This only occurred 520 years ago and we have lost much of our culture but there are some of us, very few of us who remember even further than that, 2018 years ago when Judeo-Christian Religions Did Not Even Exist. Now i ask myself how much have really advanced? By Jairo Bonilla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-vlzHDEUz4&t=190s


thank you gaiaportal@wordpress.com for all that you do. for me personally your’ve illuminate the way for me this last half year alone i have been following your light and i must say wow as i stand in amazement, and to display my huge gratitude towards you again thanks a million, your Pal Jairo Bonilla Author Of https://meshekatlan.wordpress.com

via Cantations of Light are heard

http://mesheekatlan.blogspot.com/ https://meshekatlan.wordpress.com/author/meshekatlan/ From: Promoter Jairo Bonilla Quintero Jayom88@gmail.com To: David Wonderful David i got your 164 page doc you sent by Email to me and yes of course definitely, i am most happy to help! You will see. David, blessings to you and to your wonderful children, who shortly i will take under my wing, together we will comfort the children of your Orphanage and have them back on their way going to school. David symbolically i have actually already adopted the 35 children in Magulu Ministry Of Hope also In Uganda, your children will be the next fine addition to those i choose to help in my humanitarian Efforts and My Mission to Uganda by Jairo Bonilla and all of the 450 children you’ve mentioned to me are no different, they too have a place in my heart, and I will be helping you all out. i have symbolically adopted and taken under my wing as well! Blessing will rain down on you now just for knowing me my good MAN David Make sure your close to a Western Union this transfer will be instantaneous you will not need to wait a week as you were telling me the case with your bank, rather than accounts and all that mess i will just Western Union this money transfer once again David 20 U.S Dollars for starters and moving forward i take care of you all little by little, let us start with this small amount to see if it helps i understand it is about 70,000 Ugandan Currency i have sent to your Country before for the same Humanitarian work related Reasons as i am in like manner sending you this to start off. We will talk soon Brother of light David Here with you… your pal Jairo Bonilla Author of meshekatlan@wordpress.com and ardent Promoter of Prepareforchange.net Also please know David, i Jairo Bonilla Quinter also am writing a book. i already count more than 1000 pages of original writing Art work and my personal teaching as well as insight into life will also include the account here and in the eternal now with you and in how we are collaborating as humanitarians Yes? David is it okay to include you in my Book? Please give me your consent to include you in my book along with the 450 children I will be potentially helping with Food Aid Supplies for school clothing and etc. This is an example of what I can do David, I am already present in your County we just have to find each other’s digital foot print, I have sent you mine and yours well at my fingertips with 3 computers and 3 tablets at my disposal I can travers the whole planet in seconds and still be at home for coffee. The link right under is my Youtube.com channel, this will be you soon my brother trust me… they call me creator of Dreams i am also a Talented Gif Maker and so much more, see what i can do my brother check me out and give a like if you so feel guided. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL2_3fbYa88 David Mukasa Attachments11:37 AM (2 hours ago) to me, Mesheekatlan Show original message Attention: Jairo Bonilla Greetings from David Mukasa and all the children of children’s vision Uganda charity organisation. kindly and humbly find attached pictures and photos of children for education sponsorship. Waiting to hear from you further Yours, David Mukasa Executive Director Children’s Vision Uganda Plot 76 Kampala-Masaka Road Bukadde magezi Building-Ndeeba P.O BOX 12578 Kampala-Uganda Tel +256772472694 / +256758830878 Fax +256414345580 Email; childvisionuganda@yahoo.com or dmukasa84@yahoo.com

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